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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100 % italiano Dievole

100% Italiano

Extra virgin Olive Oil 


The production line consists of a low-oxygen impact system that maintains the maximum oil contained in the just-picked olives. The team adjusts all the parameters according to the olive varieties and their health, temperature, ripening, water concentration and the aromas and flavours desired in the end result. Once extracted, the oil is filtered immediately through cellulose panels to remove 99% of the water. It is stored in stainless steel vats, away from the light, at temperatures ranging between 14 and 20°C to extend the shelf life. Bottling takes place in an inert atmosphere using bottles that reduce UV penetration to 97%. 

Area of provenance of the olives: 

Puglia and Sicilia Varieties: Coratina, Nocellara, Peranzana and Carolea Harvesting method: mechanical and by hand


Colour: green with golden undertones Aroma: medium fruity, green olives, with almond and artichoke nuances Flavour: harmonious hints of fresh almonds, medium intense bitterness and intensely piquant

FOOD PAIRING: Ideal with bean antipasti, fish carpaccio, chicken salad, pureed vegetable soup, asparagus first courses, shellfish, lamb and poultry dishes, young soft cheese.


500 ml/ ca. 16,9 oz



18 months



Keep in a cool place, away from light and heat sources




We are happy to inform you that our 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil  has just been awarded by the Gambero Rosso Italy Oils Guide 2020 with Tre Foglie.

According to the guide itself this prize “identify a product that goes beyond excellence and that stimulates unique, unrepeatable taste emotions".


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