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12 x Chitarrone Dispensa di Amerigo

Chitarrone is a type of long pasta, the same width as linguine but thicker. It is like “square spaghetti”, but more substantial than the usual “spaghetti alla chitarra”. La Dispensa di Amerigo Pasta is made in Emilia-Romagna, a locally-sourced product which boasts full control over the entire production cycle, from growing the grain to the shipment of the final product, using the most modern technologies throughout. Our quality-control system ensures strict respect of the procedures necessary to maintain the highest quality standards. The semi-wholemeal production process does not stress the grain by removing all the fibre, but instead leaves one more layer than the traditional semolina; this enhances the quality and digestibility. The bronze die gives our pasta an unmistakable colour and full body with slightly rough texture, ideal to hold the sauce. Set out on frames, the pasta dries slowly for 14 hours, for short pasta, and for 20 hours for long pasta.


Way of use:

To enjoy La Dispensa di Amerigo durum-wheat semolina pasta at its best, cook it in plenty of salted water, following the cooking time indicated on the package. Keep it “al dente” if you plan to heat it together with a pasta sauce before serving, to avoid overcooking it. We recommend serving Chitarrone with La Dispensa di Amerigo Cacio e Pepe sauce. As this sauce is very thick, we suggest heating it in a non-stick frying pan while the pasta cooks and thinning it out with a little of the cooking water until your reach the creamy consistency desired. Drain the pasta and add to the sauce. You will notice that the slightly rough texture of the pasta, achieved thanks to the use of a traditional bronze die, means that it holds the cacio e pepe sauce perfectly for the best taste.




grain of hard wheat, water.


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